John Hyland is also a real estate expert

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John Hyland has an obvious passion for communicating with others concerning issues he cares about. This is obvious if you have ever seen him as a public speaker, he is excited to be able to share his experiences with others. John Hyland has spoken on issues like maintaining business integrity and how to exhibit leadership. John Hyland has a lot of experience with public speaking, having addressed a number of audiences in the past. John Hyland is also a real estate expert, having worked in that field for many years.


John Hyland is a well recognized expert

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John Hyland is a well recognized expert when it comes to real estate and real estate investment. Many authorities have recognized him as such, but he is more than just a real estate specialist. He is also a writer, with his writings appearing in publications like The Daily News, CBS MoneyWatch, and The International Business Times, as well as others. He is a writer who communicates clearly with an audience, regardless of what the topic is.

John Hyland is also an author, having recently collaborated with a best-selling author on a project. The best-selling author was Robert Vitelli, who put together the book, Leading the Field: Strategies, Advice, & Inspiration from World Class Experts. This book is poised to sell well because it contains advice that just about any reader is after. The advice contained within the book is how to become a leader and how to develop the skills that make someone a solid leader. John Hyland contributed to this book because of his position as a leader within the real estate and real estate investment industry. All of the contributors to the book are considered leaders within their fields, which is why they were invited to participate in the project.

John Hyland is a public speaker in addition to being a writer and an author. He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to communicate to audiences, either from a stage or from writing. He has a passion for imparting his knowledge to others as often as is possible. John Hyland is a speaker who wants to make a connection with members of the audience by sharing with them on a personal level.